Completed Fics 

Here is the master list of my fics. I’ve put them into categories and I’ll try to keep this list updated. :D 

✗ McFassy Comm Daily Delicious Comment Fics

 Break-Up // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
Michael and James deal with Michael’s accidentally sent email and what it means for their relationship.

 Mornings // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
James and Michael deal with the mornings since their almost break-up. (Sequel to Break-Up)

 Birthday // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James wakes up to an amused Michael after the antics of his birthday party the night before.

 Family // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
James has plans for them that he’s yet to tell Michael about.

 Fine // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
After a hard day, James runs into the one person who knows how to make it all better.

 Don’t Sleep Mad // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James is mad at Michael and just wants the day to be over with.

 Caught // | LiveJournal | AO3 | NC-17
Michael finds a burglar in his library. Punishment is necessary.

 Hug // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
Michael knows exactly what James needs.

 Want // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Michael sees James for the first time in six months and wonders how much, if anything, has changed since last time.

 Cuddle // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
James comes home after a bad day and only really wants one thing.

 More Important // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Some things, some people, are just more important.

 Award // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
Michael wins an award, but there’s only one person he wants to celebrate with.

 Sleep // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
After a long day, all Michael wants is to sleep. Lucky for him, that’s all James wants for him, too.

 Missed // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
Michael returns home to James who missed maybe more than a little bit.

 Picnic // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Michael has planned a picnic for them, James thinks it’s more than that.

 Couch // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
James isn’t happy about having to buy a new couch. Michael is only a little bit sorry.

 Event // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
Michael prepares to go to an event without James.

 Know // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
James goes to an event despite not feeling well. Michael worries.

 Coffee // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
James decides to surprise Michael for a change.

 Surprise // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
Michael goes out to get a surprise (or several) for James.

 All I Need // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
Michael tries to surprise James. James ends up surprising him.

✗ McFassy Tumblr Fics

Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James returns home to a very festive surprise.

 To Hope // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
James slowly allows himself to hope, after so long without any. (CW: Mpreg)

 Promise for the Night // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James has had a very long day and it’s not done yet, but Michael promises to make it better.

 It’s always only been you // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James realises his feelings for Michael, but is it too late?

 Tea and cuddles // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
Michael only wants to take care of his man.

 Between us as we slept // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
James loves his family. Especially when they’re all in one place. (CW: mpreg)

 Smallest of gestures // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
There are many things Michael loves about James. These are just a few.

✗ McFassy Tuesday Creative Chat Fics

 What a thing to do // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James is tired of having to hide. They’re X-Men after all.

 You’re my heart // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James publicly claimed what’s rightfully his. Michael doesn’t mind.

 No more dreaming (in love with the wrong world) // | LiveJournal | AO3 | NC-17
James knew what he wanted, hadn’t known what Michael had wanted, had taken what he thought he’d get. But he still wants and wonders if Michael does, too.

✗ McFassy Fics

 Infect me with your love and fill me with your poison // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
The Doctor is alone again or so he thinks… (Doctor Who AU)

 A Bad Dream // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
It was oddly sobering, his dying thoughts being of him, of the man he loved but didn’t. (CW: Major Character Death)

 Somewhere Only We Know // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
It’s definitely not how James wanted to spend his birthday.

 All At Once // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
A fairy tale-ish story of a faun and his satyr. (Faun/Satyr AU)

 Make Someone Happy // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
A very happy and mostly unplanned Christmas Eve for James and Michael.

 We’ll Hold The Ones We Love // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
Their little girl is sick and needs her daddies.

 The Pain We Cause Ourselves // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James deals with his pain in his own way. (CW: Self-harm)

 These Moments // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
James loves many things about Michael, but this is one of his favourite things.

 A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
Being sick while filming is never fun. Luckily James knows the perfect remedy for feeling better.

 Yea, it’s only life // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
He wondered what had happened to make the man look the way he did, if he had anyone to talk to, if he needed someone to talk to. James wanted to be that someone. (CW: Suicidal past/thoughts)

 Dare You To See // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
After finding out that his old Band of Brothers co-star and friend will be the Erik to his Charles, James is ecstatic. His best friend, Anne-Marie, dares him to watch Michael’s movies mostly to get James to confess to the crush he adamantly denies but also so James will have a greater appreciation for Michael’s body of work. James goes along with the dare ready to prove her wrong or so he thinks.

 Counting the Ways // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
Michael comes home after months of being gone and all he wants is James to be with him. (CW: Self-harm)

 Who You Are (What You Need) // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
"You asked me the other day if I knew who I was and I’ve thought about that for the last two days. I don’t know who I am anymore."

 Glad That You Exist // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James returns home after a few months of being gone to bad news.

 Exquisite Freckled Creature // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Michael loves every morning with James and James’ freckles.

 Still Feel Me (Like I’m Right There At Your Side) // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
While filming in Texas, Michael finds that the one person he’s been trying not to think about is the one person he can’t stop thinking about, no matter what he does.

 And all this devotion I never knew at all // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
When James’ job and life in New York is threatened because he’s being deported, he sees a way out by marrying his assistant, Michael. But things changed while the pair are in Ireland, visiting Michael’s family. (The Proposal AU)

 You’ve got the love (I need to see me through) // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Michael returns home after an unsuccessful filming day leaves him feeling a bit under the weather. Luckily James is there to take care of him.

 figured out I couldn’t be without you // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
James had a bit of a rough day. Michael knows how to make it better.

 We gotta tell them that we love them // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Michael knows how much James loves the fall, wants him to be able to enjoy as much as possible, before the chilly bite of London winter comes around. James loves that Michael makes life fun.

 Silence in between (what I thought and what I said) // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
Michael’s in love with his best friend, who happens to be married with a son. Doesn’t stop him from wanting to spend time with James, as much as he can. Until he can’t anymore. (CW: Polyamory/Polygamy)

 Might as well face it (you’re addicted to love) // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
After meeting James while filming Band of Brothers, he keeps coming into his life until he becomes something more. 

✗ McFassy Mpreg w/twins verse

 Cupcakes, Cuddles, and Love // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Michael comes home to his very happy fiance making cupcakes for the little ones. (CW: Mpreg)

 All this and heaven too // | LiveJournal | AO3 | R
Finally done filming the sequel to X-Men: First Class, James is ready to return home especially since he hasn’t been feeling well. Worried that it’s more than just bad craft service or the flu, James goes to the doctor and finds out it’s better than he or Michael thought. (CW: Mpreg)

✗ Don’t Regret This Life verse - McFassy Daughter!AU

 Brick by Boring Brick // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
Little snippets of Evelyn’s life, starting from her birth and going up to where her life is currently at (which oddly takes place in the future…) (CW: OFC, past abuse)

 In Luck & Love // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
He might not have won, but Michael is still a very lucky man. (CW: OFC)

 Funeral // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James and Michael, prepare to attend a funeral for their daughter. (CW: OFC, OC character death) (AU of AU)

 Mini Free Write (JEA Tom & Evelyn) // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
James is at it again at JEA, Evelyn is kept in the know thanks to their friends. (CW: OFC)

 Courage They Gave Me // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
James and Michael help their daughter deal with something they both understand in more ways than one. (CW: OFC, pudge appreciation)

✗ More Than Padding

 Tender Loving Care // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
Michael is there to support and love James no matter what. (CW: weight gain/pudge love)

 Love Yourself // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James lets his insecurities get the best of him. (CW: weight gain/pudge love)

✗ McFassDuff - James/Michael/Anne-Marie - OT3

 Love is Not Singular // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
James returns home to his wonderful family. (CW: Polyamory/Polygamy)

 Heartlines on your hand // | LiveJournal | AO3 | G
Michael fiddles with his ring during an interview. It means more than most people think. (CW: Polyamory/Polygamy)

✗ Charles/Erik Fics

 I and Love and You // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
All the lies Charles had been telling himself over the last few weeks came crashing down.

 Waiting So Long To Let You Know // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
A sick Charles let’s Erik take care of him. Conversations about optimism, pessimism, and life ensue. Plus a confession or two.

 One smile that cheers you // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
It’s been a year since Cuba and Charles can’t see anything happy or worth celebrating, but is willing to pretend for the boys who’ve yet to abandon him. But maybe, in the spirit of Christmas, he’ll have a reason to celebrate after all.

✗ Johnny/Paul Fics

 I am with you forever, the end // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
Johnny struggles with the times that Paul is away on the job.

 For what has been done // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
While Paul is away at physical therapy, Johnny receives an unexpected visitor.

 Protecting both your heart and mine // | LiveJournal | AO3 | R
Johnny travels to Dublin, where an injured and unconscious Paul waits for him.

 Just to hear him play // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
It was the reason he kept coming back.

✗ Brian/Connor Fics

 Autumn Leaves and Couch Cuddles // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Brian surprises Connor with a leaf fight and Connor doesn’t seem to mind at all.

 You Gotten Into My Bloodstream // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
After a bad day, Connor helps Brian make it better.

✗ Joe/Burke Fics

 And I Don’t Wanna Lose // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG-13
Joe struggles to deal with the aftermath of almost losing the only thing that matters.

✗ Co-Authored Fics

 Things That Will Excite (To Make You Dream of Me Tonight) // | LiveJournal | AO3 | R
The Epic McFassy Round Robin Fic of Awesome! Contains wet!James, giant unicorn spaceships, angst, Michael wondering when they’ll ever make it to his bedroom, alternate universes, spraying of love, and the United Kingdom really having more than its fair share of supernatural trauma.

 Sometimes When We Touch (The Honesty’s too Much) // | LiveJournal | AO3 | NC-17
While filming, James and Michael have been finding it… challenging and not just because of the dynamic between Charles and Erik. Something more has been getting to both of them, that maybe isn’t so bad…

✗ Sternsky Ficlets

 Only if for a night // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Jacob thinks over what he and Max have.

 And I’d do anything to make you stay // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Max and Jacob are both up late and at least they have good company.

 Your heart is the only place I call home // | LiveJournal | AO3 | PG
Max’s knee acts up in the cold and Jacob does what he can, wanting to do more, needing to do more especially now.